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Our Sealcoating Process

Our process is simple to follow so our guys never miss a step. Every driveway we seal will get the highest level of service:

1. Trim or Brush back edges of overgrown grass and or weeds.

2. Use wire brushes to scrub out any dirt spots, oil spots and everything that will interfere with the adhesion of the sealer to the surface.

3. Clear asphalt of all dirt and debris with an industrial air-blower and treat cracks.

4. Repair cracks with hot rubberized asphalt crack & joint sealant that is non-tracking.

5. Provide proper application of a commercial grade sealer.

6. Put caution tape across driveway so not to accidently be driven on.



Repairing pot holes and damaged asphalt areas is critical to protecting your asphalt investment. If these problem areas are not taken care of and maintained, they will become larger problem areas and could lead you to costly repairs or worse having to repave your driveway.


Crack Repair

Properly repairing asphalt cracks as they appear can more than double the life of the asphalt driveway or parking lot. Crack repair should be a significant strategy of all your asphalt maintenance programs. To prevent the more expensive repairs or resurfacing crack repair should be done as often as needed. Crack repair prevents water from entering and weakening the base which in turn cause cracks to spread and widen. Once the base is damaged, expensive asphalt patching is needed.


Line Striping

Minutemen Sealcoating is a full-service asphalt maintenance company providing solutions for parking lot owners, including commercial parking lots, retail chains, malls/strip malls, real estate developers, facility operations managers and paving contractors. Your parking lot is the gateway through which all customers, visitors, and employees pass. This first impression is very important to the overall feeling and atmosphere conveyed to your public.